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Digital Product Passport project highlighted in SiliconRepublic

September 20 2023

The SiliconRepublic newspaper highlights our project Digital Product Passport in textile where we are testing how digital product passports can function technically in practice within the fashion and textile industry.

“Success is identifying information requirements, standards and infrastructure that enables interoperability, preparing actors in the value chain for DPP, as well as providing insights and sharing learnings that we will gather along the journey,”

Jenny Wärn, head of implementation at TrusTrace, says that the pilot will include about 1,000 garments which will be available in shops in the first quarter of 2024.

“By scanning a QR code printed on the care label and stitched to the garment, the consumer can instantly access verified, real-time data at the point of purchase,” Wärn says.

QR Verification Concept.