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Pilot project about DPP presented at DCongress

March 13 2024
Digital product passports (DPP) will become mandatory for textiles in just a few years. They are already being implemented on garments at Kappahl and Marimekko as part of a pilot project within Trace4Value. On March 7th, they were presented at DCongress in Göteborg, arranged by Swedish Commerce.

New report on the opportunities and challenges of the Digital Product Passport

February 21 2024
What does the introduction of Digital Product Passports mean for companies in the fashion and textile industry? This is what Eveliina Lehtisalo investigated in her master’s thesis at Aalto University in Finland, within the Trace4Value project.

Kappahl launches pilot with digital product passports together with Trace4Value

January 22 2024
Kappahl's customers who buy the "Göran" children's trousers or "Olle" children's sweater online will be able to access sustainability data on materials, suppliers, eco-labelling and how the garments can be circulated.

31 million for groundbreaking water project

December 18 2023
Unity4Water is an innovative initiative from RISE and Mälardalen University that combines the latest technology with social science. The project aims to revolutionize the reuse of wastewater and process water to use it as a resource in food production. The three-year project has recently secured significant funding totaling SEK 31 million.

Circular and sustainable indoor farming and food production

November 14 2023
Research at Mälardalen University contributes to a more environmentally friendly and resource-efficient agriculture sector by reusing wastewater and its by-products as fertilizers. This reduces waste and the environmental impact of conventional synthetic fertilizers.

Traceability prolongs the life of electronic products

October 19 2023
The KEEP project is working on making electronic products more traceable and has recently carried out a pilot test where companies have tested identity carriers linked to Digital Product Passports on their products.

Scandinavian Mind podcast: What is a Digital Product Passport?

October 5 2023
Do you want to know more about the takeaways so far in the Trace4Value subproject Digital Product Passport in textile? Listen to three of the partners in the podcast Scandinavian Mind.

Education in traceability – next step to increase awareness

September 22 2023
Swedish companies and organisations are facing a significant challenge due to upcoming legal requirements for traceability. To better equip Swedish stakeholders for the future, the Trust4Value project is in the process of developing easily accessible educational materials on traceability.

Digital Product Passport project highlighted in SiliconRepublic

September 20 2023
We are testing how digital product passports can function technically in practice within the fashion and textile industry.

TrusTrace partners with industry leaders in Trace4Value project to pilot Digital Product Passports in textiles

September 6 2023
TrusTrace will pilot a solution for the Digital Product Passport (DPP) to enable sustainability through transparency.