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KEEP – Traceability system for electrical and electronic products in a circular system

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In the KEEP project we investigated the use of a traceability system for electrical and electronic equipment (EE) to promote and enhance sustainable new production, reuse and recycling.

Electronics waste is increasing at a rapid pace. In 2019, more than fifty million tonnes of old electronics were discarded globally. From 2014 to 2019, this number increased by 21 percent and is expected to double before 2050 (Global e-waste partnership).

The overall vision of the sub-project KEEP, which was finalized in March 2024, was to investigate the use of a traceability system for electrical and electronic (EE) products. This is in line with the EU’s call for a digital product passport for products sold in Europe that was first mentioned in 2019 (The European Green Deal, 2019). A digital product passport is expected to provide information on a product’s origin, composition, dismantling possibilities, and end-of-life cycle handling. Today, there is an evident lack of such information and, therefore, a great need to develop a traceability solution to make this information available.

Having such a diverse consortium has been a strength, al­lowing us to gather a broad range of perspectives. The implementation of the digital product pass is a multifaceted challenge that requires collaborative efforts and thoughtful approaches. The results and learnings from the project underscore the importance of patience, starting small, and focusing on value-driven information in addressing this complex issue.

It is crucial to recognize that while this marks the end of KEEP project, it truly signifies just the beginning of the broader journey towards enhancing traceability and its implications. The insights gained and lessons learned serve as a foundation for future exploration and improvement in this field.

The prototype from phase two is available online. Here you can take a demo by choosing one of six possible life cycle actor roles and track information on selected products from our project partners.


Code for the prototype:

The project conducted several pilot studies for traceability through the value chain. Below you can find presentations made at the final meeting of KEEP on 21 March 2024.

Trapper Data Pilot

GIAB Pilot

Telia Pilot

El-Kretsen Pilot


Final meeting of the project


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Sophie Charpentier

Subproject manager
Chalmers Industriteknik