Trust4Value – policy development for sustainable industry

Knowledge of traceability is an issue for organisations/companies, the public sector and individuals. The goal of the project is to build capacity in the area of traceability by increasing organizations´ knowledge and understanding of the entire traceability chain and thereby actively influencing future policies.

The aim is to broadly increase organizations´ knowledge and understanding of how data generated within the traceability chain can be used to meet the eligibility requirements set in existing and upcoming legislation, and how these affect an organization´s own operations as well as the steps before and after in the value chain.

During the project, we will map the stakeholders´ skill level and need by using surveys, interviews and workshops. Educational packages in the form of online courses, seminars and workshops will be created. At the end of the project, we will produce a national strategy to be able to drive and influence policy processes and a model for how to continue working with the capacity building after this project. 

We are striving to create a common knowledge base that facilitates cooperation and prepares for future legislation. The above results are expected to have the effect that Swedish business, the public sector and society are better prepared for upcoming legislation in traceability in terms of compliance and business opportunities.

Axfoundation, Chalmers Industriteknik, GS1 Sweden, TCO Development, QCM group, RISE, SIS.

Project Manager: Sophie Charpentier, Chalmers Industriteknik.