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Open project meeting – Digital product passports and introduction of training modules

20 March 2024
13:00 – 16:00

Introduction: Malin Rosqvist, project manager Trace4Value

Update from the sub-projects:

  • Circularity for nutritions and food production: Monica Odlare, Mälardalen University
  • KEEP – Traceability system for electrical and electronic products in a circular system: Sophie Charpentier, Chalmers industriteknik
  • Digital product passports in textile
  • Digital twins in circular value networks: Karin Wannerberg, Ragn-Sells
  • Unity4Water: Monica Odlare, Mälardalen University

Trust4Value: Competence development in traceability and digital product passports, Sophie Charpentier, Chalmers Industriteknik. Educational modules are available HERE (in Swedish)

Digital product passport for textile and fashion enterprises: Opportunities and challenges – Eveliina Lehtisalo, Aalto University (report available HERE).

Product passports for furniture – Hanna Lindén, RISE

ESPR and regulations – Vilhelm Verendel, Chalmers Industriteknik